Chris Easton, a pioneer minister in Bestwood, brought together community groups and local councillors to launch Bestop Kitchen, a social eating venture.

It is based at the church in Beckhampton Road and open on Tuesdays, from noon until 3pm to service people in Bestwood and Top Valley.

“We had a meeting in January with the community to discuss food poverty and cutbacks that are leaving more and more people isolated,” he said. “We have problems within our community with debt and unemployment."

Debt and employment advisers will be at the Bestop Kitchen to help people in difficulties and there are plans to also provide a mental health adviser, with the ambition of creating a community hub at the church.

"The kitchen is being supported by Church Urban Fund through its Near Neighbours project, Bestwood Partnership and Nottingham City Council among others. Volunteers from Pulp Friction, a social enterprise that works with adults with learning difficulties, will be helping to run the kitchen alongside volunteers from the church and wider community."

Social eating events/Superkitchens provide nourishing food at very low prices for people who are struggling to feed themselves. They also bring people together to eat and chat, which helps to build communities. The food comes from Fareshare, a charity which collects surplus food from supermarkets and redistributes it, and, in the case of Bestop Kitchen, from the local Co-op stores.

Watch Chris speaking at Diocesan Conference


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