Welcome 7000 new disciples into the fellowship of Christ and his Church

Telling the story of Jesus and inviting people to join us in the journey of faith is the core mission of every local church across our diocese. We believe there is nothing better anyone can do with their life than becoming a follower of Jesus Christ. People of all ages and backgrounds are choosing to follow Jesus every day. Over the coming years we want to welcome many more. We seek to be a diocese where every Christian and each local church has a compelling vision and plan for growing disciples wider, younger and deeper.

Commission 1000 younger leaders (15-30) equipped to serve God in the church and society

In September 2016 the diocese established the Younger Leadership College to develop new and imaginative ways to support churches in growing younger Christian leaders, including mission in our 71 church schools/academies (20k students) as well as our work in universities and colleges (50k students). This includes a new and dynamic one-year intern programme. For more information see www.youngerleadershipcollege.org

Plant or graft 75 new Worshipping Communities

We are thankful for all the congregations who worship across our 307 churches, as well as our local partnerships with other denominations. Yet to reach many more people we seek to establish new worshipping communities to welcome and nurture faith in culturally sensitive ways that will be complimentary to our present ministry.

Grow 25 larger Resource Churches inspired and equipped to 'give themselves away'

This will include offering particular training in various forms of ministry and leadership, work with children and younger people, as well as helping to plant and graft new worshipping communities. Many smaller churches can also foster the culture and instinicts to be a 'resource church' working in partnership with other local churches or across a benefice. The Cathedral will resource the Bishops and diocese as a focus for gathering, worship, mission, teaching and outreach.

Serve as 1 Church contending for the gospel in every community and sphere of public life

A prayer
God of Mission,
who alone brings growth to your Church.
Send your Holy Spirit to bring vision to our planning,
wisdom to our actions, faith to our lives,
hope to our communities,
and love to our hearts,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Wider, Younger or Deeper?

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